Keep all Furniture in Place
Dura_Grip furniture floor pads keep
all furniture from moving on any floor

So, we have two sofas on our hardwood floor that surround an area rug. The rug is too small for the legs of the sofas to sit on the rug, so they are resting on the floor. The problem is that whenever anyone sits or pushes to get up from the sofas, the sofas seem to keep shifting around and we are faced with having to push them back into place. Besides having to push them back, we are faced with the problem of scratches to our hardwood floors.

We tried those store bought furniture felt pads and, as much as they are soft for the floor, they do not prevent the sofas from moving. Another thing we didn’t like is that the felt pads have an adhesive side that stick to the furniture. Then, while surfing the Internet for something that might work better, we came across these Dura-Grip furniture floor pads.

What caught my attention about Dura-Grip is that these floor pads are 100% reversible and each side is natural rubber! No need for any adhesives as the rubber itself naturally and safely adheres to the furniture and the floor. Well, we ordered a set of 8 from Rug Pad Corner and they arrived a few days later. The Dura-Grip arrived in a nicely wrapped box that was easy to open.

At first sight of the Dura-Grip pads, we already knew that they were substantially different than anything we have seen in any store, or for that matter, than anything we have seen on the Internet. These pads are a full 1/2″ thick and are really made with natural rubber on each side. They are cut evenly and are about 4 inches square.

We lifted our first sofa that has 6 legs and we placed a Dura-Grip furniture pad under each leg. Asn soon as we set all pads in place, nothing, and I mean nothing, could budge the sofa! These pads are incredible. For the best test, we called our two boys to the room and asked them to run and then jump on the sofa, as they often do. Even with this force, Dura-Grip kept the sofa in place. Again, amazing!

I know many friends who have this same problem and always wonder on how to keep their furniture from moving on their floor. Since our first experience with Dura-Grip, I have told all of my friends and the ones who have already ordered and used them are just as pleased and amazed as I am. These Dura-Grip furniture pads are really the final answer to the problem of furniture moving on floors and, what’s more, they absolutely prevent any scratches or dents to then floor, just as is advertised on Rug Pad Corner.